Wikimedia Foundation Journalism Award

Wikimedia Foundation Launches Journalism Awards for Reporters

Wikimedia Foundation Journalism Award: Wikimedia Foundation announces the inaugural Open the Knowledge Journalism Awards 2023 to recognize African journalists’ contributions to knowledge diversity. Inviting submissions from journalists living in Africa, this initiative aims to foster inclusivity, equity, and representation in global knowledge resources.

This award holds significant value, as it acknowledges the crucial role that journalists play in generating well-researched articles. These articles become the bedrock for volunteer editors who develop content for Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. The initiative aims to broaden the knowledge base of one of the world’s most visited websites, making it more reflective of the various topics, events, and people that shape our understanding of culture and history.

Wikimedia Foundation Journalism Award
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Inviting African Journalists to Nominate Their Work

African journalists currently residing on the continent are encouraged to self-nominate articles they’ve written that expand our knowledge about Africa.

Award Categories

The categories for self-nomination have been selected with the assistance of Wikimedia contributors from Africa:

  1. Arts, Culture, Heritage, and Sports
  2. Health, Climate Change, and Environment
  3. Women and Youth
  4. Digital and Human Rights

Prize Overview

The awards are impressive, with not only monetary rewards but also opportunities for networking and recognition:

  • First-place Award Recipient: The winner will receive a cash prize of USD $2,000, a trophy, a certificate of recognition, and an invitation to the African Regional Community Conference, Wiki Indaba, in November 2023. This platform will allow the recipient to share their journalistic experiences, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Second-place Award Recipient: The runner-up will receive USD $1,500 and a certificate of recognition.
  • Special Mentions: The Wikimedia Foundation will also acknowledge an additional four nominees, one in each category.

All awardees (including special mentions) will receive widespread acknowledgment on the Wikimedia Foundation’s website and social media channels.

Eligibility Criteria

Interested journalists should adhere to the following criteria:

  • Must be citizens of an African country and primarily reside in Africa.
  • Articles must be about the African continent and must relate to the award categories.
  • Articles should have been published between January 1, 2022, to June 23, 2023.
  • Articles must be published in English.
  • Submissions must be original work and should demonstrate in-depth analysis and/or investigative reporting.
  • Proof of the article’s publication in the form of a link/URL should be provided.
  • All submitted articles must be accurate, well-researched, and objective. Misinformation or misrepresentation of facts is strictly prohibited.
  • Journalists must demonstrate ethical conduct and adherence to journalistic standards.
  • Articles must be accessible for viewing without a paywall.

How to Apply

Journalists can submit multiple articles, but the same article cannot be submitted in more than one category. The category should be chosen based on the article’s content.


The Wikimedia Foundation continues to promote access to free knowledge with this remarkable initiative. So, African journalists, it’s time to submit your work and contribute to shaping a more inclusive narrative about Africa!


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