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Universities in the United States that accept HND for Masters and Graduate Studies

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There are many universities in the USA that accept HND from international students applying for Masters‘s or Ph.D. studies in the country.

Students with Higher National Diploma (HND) degrees from polytechnics usually feel marginalized and inferior to those with Bachelor’s degrees from universities, especially in job creation.

However, for graduate scholarships in the USA, HND holders have lifelines and hopes (in some cases better than students with the BSc). The USA is one of the countries that accept the highest number of students with HND.

What You Need To Know and Do

  • Having a distinction or an upper credit in your HND is important to make you stand a chance against thousands of other applicants especially those with a BSc.
  • Some schools require that you evaluate your HND and ND Transcripts, and certificate either with WES or other evaluating bodies.
  • The course-by-course credential evaluation by the WES report identifies and describes each diploma/certificate and provides an equivalency for each document. It indicates a description of periods of education, courses, credit hours, grades, and degrees, as well as overall academic performance in terms of the educational system in the United States (or your host country). The United States typically uses semester credits and a grade point average, or GPA, on a 4.0 scale.
  • Register for GRE or TOEFL if you can. This gives more adornment to your application
  • Prepare other relevant and required documents and apply early!

List of Schools That Accept HND for Masters in The USA

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