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United Kingdom Visa Interview Questions and Answers

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Once the United Kingdom visa applicants completed the online application form and submitted the necessary documents, they are required to pay the applicable visa fee which allows them to schedule an interview with the United Kingdom Embassy/Consulate. The visa interview is the final stage of the application process which determines whether an applicant qualifies for the visa.

There are various categories of visas offered by the United Kingdom. Based on the specific category of visa, the Consular Officer may ask specific questions. The visa interview allows the Officer to assess the application while verifying the documents/details provided by the applicant. If you have already scheduled your interview, you already know where you need to be at what time for the visa interview.

Visa Interview Questions for Tourist Visitors

Following are a few of the common questions asked during the visa interview:

  1. Why do you want to visit the United Kingdom? Mention the purpose of your travel and why it’s important to you. You can highlight the places in the UK that interest you the most. The Officer may ask further questions to know your travel plan. You don’t need to be nervous since the Officer is looking for straightforward answers.
  2. What is the duration of your stay in the United Kingdom? Based on your travel plan, inform the duration of your stay. If you are traveling to multiple places within the UK, ensure that you highlight your plan accordingly.
  3. Who is covering your expenses? If you are covering the travel expenses, you might be asked further questions about your finances. If someone else is covering your expenses, you will need to mention it.
  4. Have you been to the UK before? Answer Yes/No based on your situation. Make sure you are honest while answering these questions. If you have been to the UK before, mention the year of travel along with the basic details such as the purpose of the travel, duration of stay, etc.
  5. Do you intend to work in the UK? Since you are applying for a visitor’s visa, answer No and stress your intentions of coming back to India after your travel plan.
  6. Do you have relatives/friends in the UK?Answer Yes/No. If you have relatives in the UK, mention your relationship with them.
  7. What do you do? Mention your professional/ occupation.
  8. Will you be traveling alone or with a group or family? Mention your travel plan accordingly.
  9. Where do you stay in India? You can mention your city and address of residence. The Officer may ask questions such as how you traveled to the Embassy/Consulate, etc.
  10. Where will be you staying in the UK? You will need to mention the address as mentioned on the visa application form.The Consular Office may ask further questions to check if you have sufficient funds to support your travel expenses. Make sure you arrive at the Embassy/Consulate before your scheduled interview time since you will need to go through security checks and a queue to appear for your visa interview.

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Visa Interview Questions for Students

Individuals who want to visit the UK to complete their higher studies are required to obtain a UK Student Visa. To qualify for the UK Student Visa, applicants must submit the completed application form, submit the necessary documents, pay the visa fee, and appear for the visa interview. The visa interview is the final check to determine whether an applicant qualifies for the visa.

UK Student Visa Interview Questions

  1. Why did you choose the UK for your higher studies? Highlight the advantage of choosing the particular course/program in the UK over the other available options. You will need to explain how this decision is going to help you boost your career in terms of studies and what you intend to do after the completion of the course/program.
  2. Have you visited the UK before? If you have been to the UK before, mention the purpose of travel, duration of your stay, etc. If you haven’t been to the UK, answer no.
  3. Why did you select this college/university? Ensure that you are aware of the benefits offered by that particular college/university before applying for the visa. Highlight those benefits to stress your intentions of joining that particular college/university.
  4. Who is going to cover your expenses in the UK? If you are taking a student loan, mention the details, however, if your parents are covering your travel and study expenses, don’t hesitate to mention it. Depending on whether your parents or a bank is covering your expenses, you will need to provide proof of sufficient funds that will cover your expenses in the UK.
  5. What have you studied in India? Mention your college/university and the type of course/program you have completed in India. You can also mention the reason for your decision based on what you have studied and what you are going to study.
  6. What do your parents do? Mention the occupation of your parents and provide additional details such as annual income, etc. when asked by the Officer.
  7. Are you traveling alone or with someone you know? Based on your situation, mention how will you be traveling.
  8. Do you have any relatives/friends in the UK? If your answer is yes, mention your relationship with your relatives or how long you have known that friend.
  9. Where will you be staying in the UK? Mention the address of your stay as per the visa application process.
  10. Do you plan to work in the UK? If your student visa allows you to work while studying, you may go ahead and inform that you will be working, however, if you are not allowed to work in the UK, explain your ties to India and how much you would like to come back to your nation to work.

The Consular Officer may ask further questions to assess your applications. Make sure that you stress your intention of coming back to India as soon as the course/program completes. Based on your location and the address for the visa interview, ensure that you reach the venue well before time. Once you arrive at the Embassy/Consulate, you will need to go through security checks and a queue before you can appear for the visa interview.

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