Scholarships: University of Waterloo International Master’s Award of Excellence

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The International Master’s Award of Excellence, esteemed at $2,500 per term for a limit of five full-time terms within the admissible program time limits (6 terms), will be granted to qualified International master’s students normally entering a research-based graduate program at the University of Waterloo. Faculties will select qualified students given the Faculty’s honor portion. Students will be chosen based on academic excellence as demonstrated through their application for admission to the graduate program.

Scholarships: Université Paris-Saclay International Master’s Program

  • Hosting Institution(s)
    University of Waterloo
  • Scholarship Value
  • Scholarship Description
    Award valued at $2,500 per term for a maximum of five terms.
  • Level:Masters
  • Program: Open to any program
  • Citizenship: International/study permit student.
  • Deadline: January to February 2022
  • Selection process: The student is selected automatically by Faculty/Department.
  • Term: Winter, Spring, Fall.

Qualification and Selective Criteria

  • Global students who are enlisted full time and evaluated worldwide tuition fees.
    Regularly given to students in research-based projects (postulation or significant examination paper).
    Will regularly simply be given to students entering the first term of their program (term 1.0).
  • Students should demonstrate
    academic excellence through rules laid out by the Faculty.
  • Students should meet the academic advancement requirements of their program and not have remarkable trial admission requirements.
  • This grant could be notwithstanding other inside or outer grants (e.g., UW Graduate Scholarship, OGS, and so on) Note: grants are not quite the same as sponsorships – see next shot.
  • Typically, understudies ought not to be simultaneously getting unfamiliar government or organization sponsorship (e.g., China Scholarship Council, Libyan sponsorship, and so on) or be completely or to some degree self-financed an overabundance of the Faculty least degrees of help.
  • Students’ grandparents under the current IMSA program can’t be designated for an IMAE; notwithstanding, an understudy recently granted an IMSA for a formerly finished graduate degree can be named for an IMAE.
  • Students will be consequently considered for this award given their application for applications. Department or potentially Faculty will characterize their inward cycle by which they select beneficiaries given the qualification measures and assignment.
  • Faculties might force stricter eligible criteria as appropriate.

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