Scholarships: University of Oxford Award for International Students

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Are you looking for the University of Oxford Scholarships 2022-23? Today we are here with the list of Scholarships offered by the University of Oxford for International students. It is tremendous news for International students as the University of Oxford has declared openly its Scholarship programs for 2022. It was disclosed on 23rd February 2022. They recommend grants to students seeking Undergraduate, Graduate, or research degrees.

The University of Oxford is one of the best Universities Internationally students dream of completing their education therefore, applicants should not miss out on this opportunity. It is recognized for its rich history of successful graduates, highly qualified, and experienced teaching faculty. Candidates aspiring to the University of Oxford Scholarships are highly encouraged to go through these scholarships and apply.

They select the best of the best students therefore, applicants must work extra hard to choose this Scholarship program. Their acceptance rate is 17.5% making it a highly competitive scholarship program. Check the points mentioned below and apply accordingly for further details regarding the University of Oxford Scholarships, 2022-2023.

Details About University of Oxford Scholarships 2022-23

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Eligible Countries: International Students
  • University: Oxford University
  • Degree offered: Bachelors, Masters & PhD
  • Finances: Mostly Funded

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Financial Benefits

Applicants will be provided the following benefits during their degree,

  • A monthly stipend will be provided.
  • The University will offer the residence.
  • Health insurance will be covered.
  • Applicants will be able to access Oxford’s libraries and labs.
  • Selected applicants will study free of cost as the institution will completely cover the expenses.

Manuscripts Required

The following documents are required for the University of Oxford Scholarship application.

  • Complete Application 
  • Copy of National Identity Card or Passport
  • Attested copies of Transcripts
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Personal Statement
  • An updated CV
  • Score in Standardized Tests
  • Study Plan
  • Research Proposal
  • Scholarship Essay
  • Portfolio set
  • Financial Statement
  • Qualification test certificates (Gmar, GRE, etc.)
  • English Proficiency Certificate includes (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc.)

University of Oxford Scholarships list 2022

Several scholarships allow students to pursue their education at Oxford University. Some of the best scholarship programs are listed below,

  1. Clarendon Scholarship
  2. Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarship
  3. Oxford University Graduate Scholarship
  4. Palgrave Brown UK Scholarships
  5. Crankset Scholarship
  6. Reach Oxford Scholarship
  7. Hill Foundation Scholarship

1. Clarendon Scholarship

It is a fully-funded Scholarship program to complete their Master’s or Ph.D. degree. International students of various fields can apply for this.

Official Link

2. Weidenfeld Hoffmann Scholarship

The University will cover 40% of the funds in this program, whereas additional donations will cover 60%. Some applicants will be granted a 100% tuition fee exemption and a grant of 15,609 Euros.

Official Website

3. Oxford University Graduate

Applicants are to apply to the University directly, where they will be directly selected for the Scholarship program. They offer 1000 partly/fully funded Scholarship programs.

Official Website

4. Palgrave Brown UK Scholarships

This Scholarship program is only for students who are from Suffolk. Only UK National or Norfolk/Suffolk students can only participate in this.

Official Website <URL>

5. Crankset Scholarship

UK residents can only participate in this scholarship program. Applicants should earn 27,500 Euros or less to be eligible for this program.

Official Website <URL>

6- Reach Oxford Scholarship

The goal of this program is to select low-income students from all around the world. The duration of the Scholarship Program is 3-4 years.

Official Website

7- Hill Foundation Scholarship

Undergraduate students are welcome to apply for this program. Applicants must not be enrolled in some other Scholarship program.

Official Website <URL>

This is the List of University of Oxford Scholarships 2022-23 for International students. We urge all candidates looking for an oxford University Scholarship to go through these Scholarship programs and apply.

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