Current Nigerian Navy Ranks and their Salary

Nigerian Navy Ranks and their Salary Structure 2023 Updated |

Current Nigerian Navy Ranks and their Salary . On this page, you may find more information on the Nigerian Navy, including the Nigerian Navy’s rank and monthly wage. The wage and benefits schedule for the Nigerian Navy is shown below.


Ranks and Pay Structure of Nigerian Navy

Have you checked up the Nigerian Navy’s ranks and pay scale? In such case, you are already on the page. This page will discuss the Nigerian Navy grades, the monthly salary for commissioned and non-commissioned officers, as well as other important details.

Whether your goal is to understand the Nigerian Navy’s role or to know their salary, you can find all the information you need on this page.


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Nigerian Navy Ranks Updated

But they separated the Nigerian Navy’s ranks into two groups:

1. officers who hold commissions and

2. The enlisted men and women

The Commissioned Officer Ranks in the Nigerian Navy are:
1. Commander of the Fleet

2. Admiral

3. Vice-Admiral

4. Back Admiral

5. Commodore

6. Captain

7. Commander

8. Captain First Class

9. Lieutenant

10. Sub-Lieutenant

11. Sub-Lieutenant in Charge

12. Mid-Shipman

The Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks in the Nigerian Navy are as Follows:
1. Chief Warrant Petty Officer

2. Petty Officer in Chief

3. Naval Officer

4. Leading Score

5. Rating Ability

6. Average Rating

7. Trainee



How Much Money Do New Nigerian Navy Recruits Make?

Each month, a Nigerian Recruit is paid N58,000. More on Nigerian Navy Ranks and their Salary.


What Position Does a Graduate Hold in the Nigerian Navy?

The DSSC is a brief training program that is primarily designed for college or polytechnic graduates. Additionally, after finishing the school, which is always 6 to 9 months long, they are commissioned with the rank of Sub Lieutenant.


Nigerian Navy Current Salary Structure

The Nigerian Navy draws many people due to its competitive salary, in addition to the honor and status that come with being a naval officer.

As a result, a large number of persons who want to join the Navy are constantly searching online for accurate information about the allowances and pay scale of the Nigerian Navy. However, it can be difficult to locate this information online.

However, we have a rough idea of how much the commissioned officers make yearly based on a piece that was recently published in one of Nigeria’s main publications.

So what is the monthly pay for the Nigerian Navy? The current pay scale for officers in the Nigerian Navy is shown below.

1. Admiral receives a yearly salary of 16,303,140.

2. Vice Admiral gets 13,363,229 per year.

3. Rear-Admiral has a yearly salary of $12,038,945

4. Every year, Commodore makes $7,385,856.

5. Captain makes $3,715,859 per year.

6. Each year, Commander makes $3,380,086.

As a result, the current ranks and pay in the Nigerian Navy are listed above. Additionally, if you want to join the Navy as a job, this information will surely be helpful to you.


How long does Nigerian Navy training last?

The Nigerian Navy’s physical preparation program. Also, according to Nigerian Navy authorities, which is necessary for all pre-qualified applicants, will take place this year. They also said that the training will last two (2) weeks.


What Rank in the Nigerian Navy is a 3 Star?


It falls between the ranks of rear admiral and admiral. Additionally, officers of this rank are referred to as 3-star officers.


What Is the Name of a Naval Officer?

An admiral, often known as a flag officer, is a senior naval officer who commands a fleet, a collection of ships, or occupies a significant shore-based naval position.

Therefore, this expression may also be used to refer to the captain of a fleet of merchant ships.

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