[NEWS] Young lady uses legs to mimic clock hands, goes through all the numbers (Video)

In a mesmerizing display of flexibility and creativity, a young lady has taken the internet by storm with her unique talent of using her legs to simulate the hands of a clock.

Her awe-inspiring performance has captivated viewers worldwide, leaving them amazed and enthralled by her extraordinary abilities.

The viral video, which has been widely shared across social media platforms, showcases the young lady’s remarkable dexterity and grace as she effortlessly moves her leg to imitate the passage of time.

With seamless precision, she skillfully touches each numeral on the clock face, gliding through them effortlessly until reaching the end.

The video, filmed with impeccable attention to detail, highlights the young lady’s impressive physical prowess.

Her legs elegantly extend and contract, mimicking the motions of clock hands, as she moves with a fluidity that defies conventional expectations.

Spectators are left astounded by her ability to recreate the concept of time using her own body.

Netizens Reactions…

@Nick Tor said; “Can I put you on my wall at the office I won’t miss any appointment.”

@super_navas mentioned; “Who also watched more than enough….to get a better pause.”

@Ernest moses Kellie said; “Thank God is not the entrance result to heaven so I’m safe.”

@Onyinye Okeke said; “Imagination wan wound me. For my mind, I can do this na just blank wall I no get.” 

@Humphrey kuria commented: “You deserve many likes and views, you have mine.”

@Ariskydon said; “I almost went to the hospital because I want to try this with you.” 

See below;


It took me so many trials😂👽 #fypシ #contortionistchallenge #flexibility

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