[NEWS] “Why you shouldn’t marry a man who carries his family’s problems” – Lady (Video)

A woman advises ladies on why they should not make the mistake of marrying a man who adopts his family’s problems.

In a video which surfaced online, the unidentified woman explained to women why it’d be a lifetime mistake to marry such men who still adopt their family problems after marriage.

According to the woman, most women would begin to notice these things in the man’s behavior prior to marriage, and when they do, they should ensure they don’t marry the man.

She explained that the man’s wife would only suffer because he would be using up his money and resources to take care of his immediate family’s need, neglecting that of his wife.

Watch her speak;

Reacting to the clip, dkokopee wrote: “But you want a man that will adopt your own family problems Most women once you marry them , you don open redemption camp for her family”

wilsluv11 wrote: “FOOlish people everywhere on social media if you don’t have content just go do hOOkup, marriage is not for everyone……”

julibeaut wrote: “Oh please shut up! But your brother can carry his family problem on his head and Marry someone else’s daughter abi? Make una dey reason before una talk o”

dr_phili wrote: “What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Then the wife should also not bother the man with her family. The truth is, we can never leave our family totally. Yes, a couple will have autonomy over their lives but you cant just away your family.”

vivianadoli wrote: “Men please don’t marry any woman that thinks helping or seeking advice from mother, brothers and sisters is crime, and again women make your own money”

thekingtamuno wrote: “Stop this nonsense with your big lips. Not every man is like the one u married or didn’t marry so allow people make their choice . Instead of you to carry your own family problem on your head you are putting you railway nose in other people’s business”

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