[NEWS] Pregnant lady in tears as wedding gets cancelled 2 weeks to D-day over issue with sister-in-law (Video)

A lady identified as @aderonke775 has shared the reason her wedding was cancelled just two weeks before the event despite being five months pregnant.

In a post on her account, @aderonke775 recounted how she cried throughout the day of the cancelled wedding, which was supposed to be the happiest day of her life.

The post read,

“Dec18/2020. I cried throughout that day. I remember when my wedding was cancelled two weeks before the event all cos I was having issues with my sister-in-law.

“And I was already 5 months pregnant then. I cried and refused to eat for 5days cos I felt my life just crumbled right in front of me. My friends make jest of me that I gave birth out of wedlock.

“To that soul that didn’t let me witness the day which was supposed to be the most happiest day of my life. The Lord will judge you accordingly. Cos as much as I tried to forget am still finding it hard to.”

@Yours_Phinally reacted: “Thank God I have a sensible man. If your man stand up for you believe me it will hold.”

@Yemmy_ayanfe said: “I would love to know if the sis in law is married and if she is on good terms with her own sis in law. Karma is real and she will reap in full.”

@damselevelynfunke said: “Same thing happened to me and i was four months gone. My son is 4 years now and I got engaged last month to my new man.”

@Blessing Ogundapo said: “Why is it woman against woman. I no even cry anything kilokan boss …na the thing i buy for weddingsef i use do naiming.”

Watch the video below:


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