[NEWS] Pastor set to be charged with felony after shooting wife in front of 3 children

A Louisiana pastor, known as Danny Prenell Jr, has been accused of shooting his wife, Gabrielle Prenell, in front of their three children.

According to reports, the man of God aged 25, shot his wife age 27 at a Hampton Inn hotel, McComb in the US, the police said.

According to reports, the pastor shared on his Facebook page a photo of himself, his wife, and his three children with the location and caption, “I may not be a perfect man, but I’ll always be a family man,’ stated the post, along with the hashtags #HusbandFatherPastor and #FlawedYetFavored.”

After the pastor shot his wife in the abdomen and her arm, he also shot himself in front of their children. The wife, Gabrielle Prenell was airlifted by authorities from Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center in McComb to the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) in Jackson.

The pastor is however in stable condition and will be charged with several felony charges after his discharge, the police said. Reports say their children are now under the custody of Child Protective Services.

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