[NEWS] “If you’re a first born daughter, try not to be broke in your life” – Lady says as she’s asked to kill ram, fix ram intestine

Hauwa, a young Nigerian woman, recently shared her experience during the Eid Festival on Wednesday, June 28, through a post on Twitter page.

In a video that has since gone viral, Hauwa recounted the treatment she received from her parents upon her arrival home.

Reflecting on her ordeal, she offered advice to all first daughters, urging them to strive and earn money to avoid being financially dependent, which can lead to unnecessary issues and stress.

When Hauwa returned home, her parents asked if she had brought anything, to which she responded negatively. They then inquired if she was still broke, and she confirmed that she was indeed still facing financial constraints.

According to Hauwa, upon her arrival, she was immediately assigned the task of chasing a chieftain, followed by being instructed to slaughter a ram and prepare its intestines.

She further mentioned that whenever there are household chores or tasks to be done, she is always called upon due to her current financial situation.



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