[NEWS] “How my parents’ failed marriage almost ruined my life”– Yhemo Lee

Actor and musician Idowu Adeyemi, popularly known as Yhemolee, has opened up about the challenges he and his sister faced following their parents‘ separation, revealing the impact it had on their lives.

Yhemolee shared his personal journey during a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo, shedding light on the struggles he endured to support himself and his sister through their education.

In the interview, Yhemolee disclosed that his parents separated when he and his sister were still young, leaving them to shoulder the responsibility of funding their own education.

Despite their parents being well-to-do at the time, Yhemolee found himself taking on the role of a provider at a young age.

He said;

“I saw myself and my sister through school. They [our parents] separated at a point when they could have damaged our lives.

“My parents were well-to-do. I mean, I went to one of the best schools at that time. But they left us all of a sudden.”

Despite these challenges, Yhemolee shared a heartwarming update on his family’s current status.

He revealed that during his mother’s birthday celebration last year, he successfully orchestrated a reunion between his parents, bringing them back together.

In a remarkable display of unity, Yhemolee even took them clubbing together.

He said;

“I managed to reunite them, and we are on good terms now,”  reflecting on the positive turn of events within his family.

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