[NEWS] First Bank of Nigeria introduces robot representatives at branches, interacts with customers (Video)

In a groundbreaking move, First Bank of Nigeria has unveiled robot representatives at select branches, signaling a shift towards automated customer service.

A recently released viral video, capturing a customer’s engagement with a robot assistant, has sparked significant attention and discussion on social media platforms.

The two-minute video, filmed at a First Bank of Nigeria branch in Abuja, has quickly gained traction online.

It showcases a customer interacting with a robot representative that offers assistance and support.

First Bank’s introduction of robot representatives marks a notable advancement in the banking sector, aiming to revolutionize customer service by leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

The video showcases the customer engaging with the robot representative in a seamless and user-friendly manner.

The viral video has generated a significant buzz on social media platforms, with many users expressing both fascination and curiosity about the use of robotics in customer service.

See below;

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