[NEWS] “Chioma did several abortions for Davido before Ifeanyi” – Anita Brown

Anita Brown, the American lady claiming that Nigerian superstar singer, Davido impregnated her, has further alleged his wife, Chioma, carried out abortions for him before they had their son.

The American lady made the claim while firing back at those mocking her over the adult content, she shared on the internet years ago.

Anita also accused foreign men of taking advantage of their women, adding that they won’t be cheating if they were married to American women.

She tweeted;

“And yeah i cried But those the last tears I cried cause i know i can take it to the furthest extent and i really don’t want to go far But NOW! Let’s GO HOE!

“Foreign men take advantage Cause if they was married to American woman they wouldn’t even be doing all that cheating Cause that’s grounds for divorce and half of everything u own! Stop taking advantage of woman HOE.

“You don’t like me, i don’t like you either You hate me, i hate you too You want bad for me, i want bad for you You moving weird, I’m moving weird too Whatever u give, I’m giving back times 100 I can promise anybody that, especially you.

Nah that phrase y’all use “Use me as youSend me more of the lingo I’m jacking all of it “Use me as your personal go get a life button” Nah y’all got it I never laughed this hard in my life. 

“The same coochi y’all saw online Was getting eating just a few weeks ago Ass too. Ask him how i taste. 

“It wasn’t no secret loves It very much open Very tonguing down, holding hands being courted. Oh well. I’m in tears at dinner right now Son Y’all are funny as hell Americans are not this funny My stomach hurt so bad from laughing.

“Y’all keep playing with me I’m start accepting these interviews I’m being asked to do ! That’s my next step ! Talk about what a womanizer that man is Getting all these diff woman pregnant Trying to convince everyone to have a abortion and blaming it on his dead child

“People use to internet to gain sympathy But be outside having a blast Sexing everything moving Loving every woman Lying to every woman The only reason it wasn’t the right time to have my baby according to him was not because of a wife but the wrong time.

The other day was a warm up ! I got a ace in the whole Don’t let me play my entire hand! Ask about me! Posting only fans from years ago That coochi didn’t look too bad That your face was in it When u kiss your Ppls Ask them how i taste Coochi and anus Oh damn. I swear they diss you with the same mouth they kiss you Ass with.

“I can see why he love abortion His wife had a few of them Before they finally got a son Fucking evil ass people From the time i known you You been having females calling about babies and abortion DIRT BAG ! Could never!

“You are the devil You fucking damn near wanna sleep with your own girl cousin, if u haven’t already Creepy ass weird shit You can’t even control your penis with family members, let alone any baddie you lay eyes on You are the devil, you should be ashamed of your behavior GROSS.

Wow The same vagina that was on only fans years ago, u was just licking weeks ago @davidoI said wow.”

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