Moods Hair Salon LTD Hairstylist jobs in Canada

Moods Hair Salon LTD Canada Vacant Position – Hairstylists Needed

Moods Hair Salon LTD Canada Vacant Position- Hairdressers are needed in Canada for a full time hair dressing Job in Canada. In this post are the things you need to be hired for this job.

Job description in details: The selected candidate is responsible for

  • Customer hair is shampooed
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Submitting a request for hair extensions
  • Ideal work requirements:
  • Styling wigs and hair extensions
  • Maintaining hair extensions and wigs
  • Clipping and curling hair
  • Recommendations for hairstyles that fit the clients’ preferences
  • Hair coloring examining the state of the scalp and hair
  • Providing guidance on the care of the scalp and hairdyeing hair to color it


The selected applicant must carry out the following

  • Positivity and vigor are essential.
  • Ought to be morally and ethically upright
  • It calls for exceptional hand-eye coordination.
  • Must arrive on time for work and prioritize customers
  • Ought to possess prior experience
  • Exercise sound judgment and adaptability.
  • Must be trustworthy and goal-oriented
  • Ability to work with dye is required.


The Basic working environment
The selected applicant would perform tasks in situations like:

  • Working in extreme temperatures
  • Good hand-eye coordination is necessary.
  • working circumstances


The selected applicant would do so in a setting where:

Strict deadlines are anticipated to be reached. In addition, It will be vital to pay special attention to details when operating under pressure.

Estimated Salary

The selected candidate would work 32–40 hours per week for $17 an hour.


Level Of Experience

The selected applicant should possess a minimum of a high school graduation and two to three years of relevant job experience.

  • Type of Contract – Full-Time
  • fluency in the English language
  • Required Location – Vancouver, British Columbia

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