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List Of Colleges that Accepts 2.0 – 2.9 G.P.A

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Presently, different low GPA colleges have made use of several tools to get the right students, and one of the ways is through GPA. Some students have performed below average by obtaining a low GPA, and this made them feel discouraged. Some colleges still accept students with low GPA scores. Students who are aware of these schools are assured they will be given admission to study their dream course.

Some of these colleges that are accepting students with low GPAs colleges have strict GPA requirements they use in selecting students. Therefore, if you have been finding it hard to know the diverse colleges that will admit you to study your dream course, there are other distinct qualities apart from your low GPA, and the admission officers of the college might still consider you. Let’s get to see different low GPA colleges.

Top 20 Low GPA Colleges

These are the following low GPA colleges:

1. Purdue University Global

This is one of the low GPA colleges that is found in the United States of America, and it is among the Purdue University system. It was purchased by Kaplan University in the year 2017, and its main focus is to offer quality online education to adults. There are also online master’s programs for those who want to enroll. Any student who wants to enroll in the school must have at least a minimum of 2.2, and they have different Master’s degree courses available for students.

2. Capella University

They have competent online learning that is available in two different modes such as GuidedPath & FlexPath. The programs are affordable for any student from different parts of the continent. In addition to this, there are online degrees that are also available such as health administration, public service, nursing, psychology, and many others. The admission requirements are a bachelor’s degree from a reputable college, a valid ID card, a current application form, and a GPA score is 2.1.

3. Western Governor’s University

This college offers quality education to its various students and one-on-one support teaching in different faculties. Students must have a bachelor’s degree before they will get admission into the college. It is ideal for the student to go for a course that’s related to their course of study. The school transcript is important for the student to present to the school admission officers, and in some cases, specific programs must have extra requirements.

4. Liberty University

The school is known to provide standard education that will enable students to grow their Christian life. The main thing about its education is being centered on core values, skills, and knowledge that will make a long-lasting impression on students’ professions. Most of the students who enroll in this college require a minimum of 2.0 GPA. In some cases, some degrees require students to have at least a 3.0 GPA to gain admission.

5. Grand Canyon University

The minimum requirement to gain admission to this college is 2.8, and it is Arizona University that impacts innovative education for students. For any undergraduate studies, the student must meet the minimum GPA. When once you meet the criteria, you will be given admission. Some courses differ in terms of GPA. For instance, a Ph.D. in General Psychology requires 3.4 before they can be given admission into Grand Canyon University.

6. Colorado State University

This is a global institution that offers well-detailed education to students in different courses. The kind of education offered in this institution is top-notch to enable students to bring out their hidden potential. The curriculum of the school has been structured in a way to fit in with the recent standard available in the market and other industries. They offer over 12 master’s programs, and these programs have various concentrations to ensure they fit the new curriculum.

7. Strayer University

Strayer University has been recognized to have a rich history of approximately 125 years in providing quality education. It has been made in a system to allow students to save up to 25% of their money. This is possible using the Strayer Graduation Fund (SGF). They have numerous courses students can enroll in if only they have the minimum GPA, and the following course is Information technology, Human relations, Cybersecurity, and many others. It is essential to have your transcripts, Valid ID, completed forms, or application.

8. Concordia University

Concordia University can be found in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and it is being regarded as a small college that comprises both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The institution is connected with the Lutheran Church. The highest number of students that have applied to the institution for a particular year is 2,094, but it was only 1,023 were given admission to become bona fide students. Out of those students, it was only 962 students enrolled as part-time students.

9. Webber University

The minimum GPA for this university is 2.2, and it is situated in Florida. Webber University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In a particular year, 1,022 students applied for admission, and at the end of everything, only 410 students gained admission into the college. Of the 187 students that enrolled in the college, 656 students enrolled as full-time students, while 38 students became part-time students. It is one of the low GPA colleges you can attend to pursue your dream course.

10. Catawba College:

The college is situated in Salisbury, North Carolina, and it is a small college that possesses various courses to enable students to possess quality studies. They have courses available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The highest number of students that have enrolled in the school is 3,061 students. 1,229 students became full-time, then, 65 students were part-time students. The college has been ranked as the 620 colleges in the world, and the minimum GPA score is 2.2.

11. Dean College:

This is located in Massachusetts, USA, and they have different undergraduate programs. Recently, 4,854 students applied for admission and it was only 4,022 students were given admission into the Dean College. From here, 1,152 students became full-time students, and on the other hand, 168 became part-time students. The college has been ranked as the 818 institution worldwide, and the minimum GPA is 2.4.

12. Harris Stowe State University:

Harris Stowe State University is situated in Missouri with different courses. The institution has been known for its admission policy which they use in admitting students. Therefore, different students can be employed such as GED holding students and high school graduates. Nearly every year, over 1,398 students are enrolled in the institution as either part-time or full-time students to study various courses, and the minimum GPA score is 2.5.

13. Calumet of St. Joseph College:

The institution is located in Indiana, and it happens to be a small college that offers different courses that can be found in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Calumet of St. Joseph College is owned by the Roman Catholics. Generally, a total number of 331 students are enrolled as full-time students, while 442 students were part-time. This is among the low GPA colleges, and they have a GPA score.

14. Bloomfield College:

If you want to enroll in this college, you are going to find it in New Jersey. Presbyterian Church happens to be the founder of the college. In this school, a total number of 3,786 prospective students applied for admission, but it was only 2,295 students were accepted into the college. This gave students options of either enrolling in the school as part-time or full-time students. The globe, Bloomfield college has been ranked as 980 institutions by the U S. Colleges ranking.

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15. Wesley College

It is located in Dover, Delaware offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programs for those who are deemed fit for it. The Methodist faith is the founder of the church, and they were being in charge of the administration of the school at the earlier stage. The school enrolled over 1,243 students full-time, and 108 students ran part-time. They have been able to make progress so far and have been ranked as the 954 schools in the world.

16. Dowling College

This is one of the low GPA colleges that are admitting students from different parts of the world as long as you have the right documents, and it is situated in Oakdale, New York. In a particular year, 1,169 students got enrolled to study at Dowling College as a full-time students. On the other hand, 1,087 students became part-time students.

17. Albertus Magnus College

The institution is found in Connecticut, U.S, and it is available for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The founder of the school is Roman Catholic, and they have also admitted about 1, 388 students into the institution. According to the statistics from the school, 1,182 students have gotten admission to the school full-time, while 274 students as part-time. The school has been ranked as the 810 schools in the world.

18. Kendall College

This is one of the low GPA colleges offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Kendall College offers four years programs for different undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The institution is located in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and the minimum GPA is 2.8. A total number of 576 students are enrolled in the school, and 451 as part-time students.

19. Grambling State University:

This university is located in Louisiana, and they have admitted numerous students who have gotten degrees in the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In a specific year, 3,275 prospective students were admitted to study courses of their choice. The minimum GPA for the school is 2.9, and it has been ranked by the U.S. colleges as 1037 universities in the world.

20. Peru State College:

Peru State College offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs for every student. You need to meet the criteria to be ready as their students in this institution. There are open admission policies to enable the school to admit students from different countries, and their minimum GPA is 2.9.

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