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How To Make Money From Blogging

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What’s Called Blogging?
Blogging simply means a way of showing the world what you love doing through the internet.
There are many ways to blog online and earn money from it one is paid or premium while another one is free of charge.
To own a website you are to spend some amount of money either per month or per year.
while the other one is free of charge and it’s own and managed by Google.

  1. is a free site owned by Google that allows users to get a free and customized domain name, on this site you can create a free blog like (BLOGSPOT.COM) will reflect on your chosen domain because it’s free and managed by Google blogger and you earn your money from it through Google Adsense where Google will automatically place ads on your Blogspot and you get paid for each ad click or impression, all you need is to publish unique content and apply for Google Adsense and your blog with getting approved within a short period of days that’s for free blogging method.
  2. Now let’s dive into paid or premium one.

Purchasing of Domain Name
Hosting the Domain Name.

What’s is called domain name is a specific name of a website to be recognized e.g Google is the domain name for the website and it can be easily remembered.

Hosting of Domain Name is simply means for example you buy a house and you’re yet to build anything on it. It’s still a mere land not yet a house but if you’ve built something on the land, it’s that time you called it a house. That goes for Hosting of Domain Name, if you don’t host your domain name it’s not yet called a website.
Hosting of Domain Name is very easy but one must be very careful of which Hosting Company to go for, I recommend you go for Bluehost Hosting Company.

How To Make Money From Your Website.
Making Money From Your Website is very easy but some people find it difficult.
After you have published unique content on your website and have done the necessary things which are creating a page on your blog e.g Contact Us Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions About Us and so on, you can then apply for Google Adsense.
Google Adsense will review your website thoroughly and reply to you within 7 days whether you are approved or rejected. If you’re approved auto ads are already on for your site and boom start earning money while sleeping.

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Another way to make money is Guest Posting.
Guest Posting is when you allow other sites or e-commerce websites to publish an article either by words or image or audio and video as well on your website and you get paid for it.

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Affiliate Marketing, you signed up for Amazon or Clickbank affiliate program the company gives you a unique link that you will insert anywhere on your website and you get paid whenever a visitor clicks on the link and buy something or sign up on that company you affiliate for.

There are many Ads companies you can sign up for if you got rejected by Google Adsense.

More details later on that.

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