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How To Apply For Canadian Immigration/Permanent Residence

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How To Apply For Canadian Immigration/Permanent Residence is the most questions will receive in our mail from applicants seeking scholarships or to study in Canada. And we at InfoSchoolNews have made some research on the process and steps by steps to apply and get admitted.

As you might be heard that Canadian Prime Minister increased the number of Immigrations for 2022. Canada increases immigrants to 432,000. InfoSchoolNews summed up step by step process with roughly (time and money) requirements without any Consultant help. There will be No Academic IELTS Test.

Canadian immigration/permanent residence in a few months based on your education, work experience, and English language skills! Expense around 2,500 USD to 5,000 USD. There is a Canadian Immigration program which is called the “Express Entry – EE (Federal Skilled Program – FSW)”. The official Express Entry website can be found here

Phase 1:

  • It was to get the Canadian assessment (equivalence) of my higher educatioseverale several organizations that could have provided me with this.
  • The “World Education Services” aka WES. Because it is the quickest!
  • The process included sending some documents to them and some documents through the university where I studied.
  • What matters is the highest degree for which you have obtained the ItBasically, it was an easy process. Not expensive, difficult, or time-consuming.
  • WES official website:

Phase 2: IELTS

  • They need the General Training IELTS result to assess your English language ability.
  • This step was also pretty much simple, with no complications.

Phase 3: Work Experience

Very easy and simple! Got a letter of experience from my employer, Minimum of three years of work experience will give you maximum points for the work experience component

Phase 4: Police Certificates.

  • Again very easy! The CCPO offices in Pakistan issue these certificates.
  • The cost is zero. Even if you have to pay, it will be little.
  • I am living in Germany now, so a certificate from there was needed as well.

Phase 5: To Enter the Express Entry Draw.

Once you have the Canadian Educational Assessment (equivalence) and IELTS result in your hand. You are eligible to enter the Express Entry Draw under the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

Physically, they take out a draw every few weeks. Where they send the “invitation to apply” to a few thousand people at every draw!

  • For example, if they are sending 3000 invitations to apply in a draw. The applicants will be ranked based on their points, and the top 3000 will receive the invitation to apply.
  • Points are based on mainly: age, work experience, education, and IELTS.
  • Official website to check your score, to check previous cut-off scores, and to enter the draw:

Phase 6: Medical Examination

It is mandatory to get the medical examination done (can be done before or after applying for the PR).

Phase 7: Apply for the PR (Permanent Residence)

  • Once you have the “Invitation to Apply” you are good to go to apply the Canadian PR.
  • Other than the documents mentioned above, you will need “proof of funds”. This is needed because they want proof that you have sufficient funds for initial settlement when you land in Canada.
  • This amount will depend on if you are single, married, or married with children. You only have to show this amount and do not have to pay! (Generally as a bank statement).
  • This amount which you have to show can be roughly around PKR 15 lacs (a little less if single and a little more if you have children).
  • You have to apply online. All of the documents are submitted electronically, including your passport!
  • I would not say that applying for the PR was complicated, however, attention to detail is needed. As even minor mistakes can lead to the refusal of the PR.
  • Official website to apply the PR once you have the invitation to apply:

Phase 8: Wait!

Once you apply for the PR, then wait!

  • 30% of the applicants will get the approval within 2 months!
  • 60% of the applicants will get the approval within 4 months!
  • 90% of the applicants will get the approval within 6 months!
  • 10% of the applicants can take longer than 6 months!

Moreover, 98% of the cases are resolved without an interview, Generally, PR is approved within 6 months in 90% of the cases.

In a nutshell, if your case is not complicated due to travel history or anything like that, and you belong to the 90% category, then expect your PR within a few months!

Even if things are a little complicated, then expect a few more months and maximum an interview!

Phase 9:

Get your passport stamped and receive the Confirmation of Permanent Residence aka COPR!

Once your online application is approved, you submit your passport at the nearest Canadian consulate and get the visa to enter Canada as well as your COPR within a few days!

Phase 10: Land in Canada!

Land in Canada before the expiry of your stamped visa and COPR. You will get your PR card in Canada.

To become a Canadian national, you need to stay I 3 years within any period of 5 years!

In Conclusion: 

  • It is simple, easy, ado doubt no doubt in saying that this is the best program if you are looking for immigration on a skilled basis.
  • Lastly, you do not need any consultant or lawyer to go through this process. It has been reported and observed that many of the consultants who are offering these services are non-qualified, incompetent, unprofessional, and have rip-offs.
  • Many applicants have reported PR rejections and fraud due to consultants.
  • Everything is on the internet, you are the best person yourself to process your case

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