[ENTERTAINMENT NEWS] “I think Wizkid is good in bed” – American actress, Serayah reveals

During a celebrity discussion centered on intimate topics, Serayah McNeil, an American singer, and actress, openly expressed her belief that Nigerian music sensation Ayodeji Balogun, also known as Wizkid, possesses exceptional skills in the bedroom.

In a series of widely circulated videos, the interviewer posed a question to various American actors, musicians, and comedians, inquiring about their views on which celebrity could excel in satisfying someone’s desires in the bedroom, to which they all gave unique but satisfying answers.

Although initially hesitant due to the potential controversy surrounding her response, Serayah ultimately mentioned Wizkid as her choice.

The actress who starred in the Empire movie and is well known for her portrayal of the character Tiana, candidly stated, “I feel like I’m gonna get in trouble for this answer [Pauses] Wizkid. That question came out of nowhere honey.”

Netizens reacted to the leaving speculations that the actress might be openly hitting on Wizkid as she and Jacob Latimore are not in a relationship anymore.

While interacting with her fans live through Instagram on February 26, 2023, the actress was asked by someone about her relationship with Jacob where she revealed that they had broken up.

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