[ENTERTAINMENT NEWS] “Don’t cheat on me and come back home with ordinary sorry” – Angela Okorie

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has revealed that she will not take a mere “mere” from her man when he cheats.

According to the actress, she will not tolerate a man who cheats and comes back to apologize for his actions. She disclosed that sorry isn’t enough to mend his wrong.

Angela Okorie disclosed that the only way she can forgive a cheating partner is for him to buy one of the new houses in Banana Island for her, or the latest G-Wagon as a way to apologize to her.

Her caption reads, Baby don’t cheat on me and come back home with ordinary sorry. Just know that, if you don’t want me to break your leg. Listen, there are new houses built for sale in Banana Island, and there are G-wagons just made in 2023, so buy one otherwise buy a flight ticket and zoom off to any country of your choice. My people, Am I asking for too much?”

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