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Cdfipb Careers: Candidates Selected for 2022. Were you one of the people who went through the Cdfipb’s screening process for applicants? This post will show you how to get screened. Including how to check the list and when to train and record the people on the list.

Information about Cdfipb 2023

Before we move on, please tell us a little bit about Cdfipb, as it may be needed. The letters Cdfipb stand for “Civil Defense, Fire.”

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps is part of the Prisons and Immigration Services, which was set up in 1999. But the Nigerian Immigration Service, the Federal Fire Service, and the Nigerian Prison Service.

Many of our readers who applied for the CDFIPB job have been waiting to hear when the list of finalists would be made public. This article will talk about when the list of Cdfipb’s shortlisted applicants will be made public.


Academic Requirement

B.Sc., HND, or OND, WASSCE A B.Sc. or Master’s Degree from an accredited Tertiary Institution in any related field of study or an HND in a relevant course in any field of study.

Also, having a good understanding of computers and how to use their basic programs for work and to do different tasks the way the organization wants.


How do I apply for a job with the NSCDC 2023?

To join Civil Defense, just go to, which is the official recruitment site, and fill out an application.

So, after that, upload your documents to the portal and fill in the information. Here’s more information about how to join the civil defense in 2022:

1. Visit

2. Hit the Apply button.

3. Fill out the page with your bio-data

4. Put your certificates and National ID on the website.

5. Send in your application when you’re done.

Short-listed candidates will hear from them soon.

How do you get into the Civil Defense?
Height (Male) 1.68m Height (Female) 1.65m
Age 18-30


Cdfipb Careers


How long does the NSCDC training last?

The training for the NSCDC will last two (2) weeks. The training is meant to give all of the candidates who have already been chosen. Also, with training in self-defense and a clear idea of how the agency works.


How Many Departments Does NSCDC Have?

There are six different departments that make up the NSCDC. These are Technical Services, Operations, Intelligence, and Investigation. Also, Management of Disasters, Critical Infrastructure and National Assets, and Management.


How low can you get in NSCDC?

Below, we show how the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps ranks are set up in a hierarchy. Also, below is a list of their ranks, from lowest to highest, with their different levels:

  • 1. Assistant Cadre- Level 3 to 5 (The lowest ranking officer in the NSCDC)
  • 2. Inspectorate Cadre- Level 6 to 12
  • 3. Assistant Superintendent Cadre II (ASC) Level 8
  • 4. Assistant Superintendent Cadre I (ASC)Level 9
  • 5. Deputy Superintendent Cadre (DSC) Level 10
  • 6. Superintendent Cadre (SC) Level 11
  • 7. Chief Superintendent Cadre (CSC) Level 12
  • 8. Level 13 Assistant Commander (AC)
  • Level 14 Deputy Commander (DC)
  • 10. Level 15 Chief Commander (CC)
  • 11. Level 16 Assistant Commandant General
  • 12. Level 17 Deputy Commandant General (DCG)
  • 13. Commandant General CG Level 18. This is the highest position in the NSCDC.


How do I know if my application for the NSCDC is accepted?

Applicants who were shortlisted by the NSCDC can now check their names in the following ways:

Please go to

Enter your phone number, email address, and password.

Once the Cdfipb dashboard opens, go to shortlisted status.

If NSCDC has chosen you, a message will appear when you open the link.

Please pay attention to what Civil Defence’s website says. But only those who meet the requirements will be taken into account. We’ve also explained how you can check out the list of people who have been shortlisted.

How do you feel about this? Use the comment box below to tell us what you think. Also, please share this article if you think it can help someone else.

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