How Much Do I need to start a company in the UK

Can I do Business on student visa in UK ? Complete Guide On How to Start Your Own UK Company as a student

Students studying in the UK often ask if they can be Eligible to start their own personal business; Can I do business on student visa in UK while pursuing their educational careers in the united kingdom. In this post we are going to be explaining to you all you need to do before starting up your own personal business to avoid getting into trouble in the UK. We therefore advice that you take out your time to read this article line by line to understand the basic certifications and licenses required to start up your own business in the United Kingdom with student visa.

Can I start a Company with A Student Visa in UK (United Kingdom)

We will be revealing the both the types of visa obtainable in the UK for foreigners and the consequences of not acquiring the necessary certification before starting a business in the UK. Lets begin with the type of visa in the UK.


Types of UK Visa Available For Students that want to study in the UK



The points-based visa category system is for the UK Tier Visa program. To qualify for a visa, applicants must attain a certain amount of points on an assessment test. Age, English language proficiency, and other variables particular to the Tier under which you apply are all taken into account by the test. There are five tiers in total:

  • 1. Tier 1 Visa – For High-Value Migrants
  • 2. Tier 2 Visa – For Skilled Workers
  • 3. Tier 3 Visa – For Unskilled Workers
  • 4. Tier 4 Visa – For Adult Students
  • 5. Tier 5 Visa – For Temporary Workers

Students have access to the tier 4 visa, this includes ( adults who wish to pursue their tertiary studies in the UK, for adults who wish to pursue a short course of study (less than six months, adults who wish to pursue their tertiary studies in the UK, and for students who wish tour prospective schools) Note that this visa can be renewed if the need arises.


What Will happen if I start my business as a student with the wrong visa in UK

Per adventure, you start your own business with the wrong visa, these things are bound to likely happen

  1. You may be Deported
  2. They cannot be allowed to complete your education
  3. You may be arrested and jailed.


Which Visa Do I need as a student to enable me start my own business in UK?

Students on on the regular tier 4 visa popularly referred to as the student visa are no eligible to start their own business or company in the UK. However, wealthy students in the UK on Tier 1 Investment visas can engage in virtually any activity they want whilst in the UK, which may include, paid work, full time or part time study, run a business, or opt to do nothing at all. Therefore if you wish to start a your company or business in united kingdom all you need do is get the tier one visa which will enable you do virtually anything you wish to do in the UK while studying, However, to get this visa, the applicant must invest £2 million in UK investment bonds in order to be eligible for the Tier 1 Investment visa. After some years, the £2 million is completely refunded to the applicant. Or You go for the option listed below.


How to start your business with Your UK student Visa

  1. Find a partner, do the work under his name and work the rest with an attorney.

    Perhaps an elder person from your native country who needs to complement their income. It involves lot of risks but can be done.

  2. Also find a company that needs a director in your country in exchange for them to help you in the U.K. You can open a business in your native country with a virtual address in the U.K.



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What Do I need To Switch from a student visa to a Tier 1 visa in UK

You can only switch account if ;

  • If you want to launch a company in the UK.
  • You are not a citizen of Switzerland or the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • At least 18 years of age is required.
  • You need to be proficient in English.
  • You must be able to demonstrate that you have enough money in your own accounts to cover your living expenses while you are in the UK.


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Can I work with my student Visa in UK

The answer is yes but there are certain limits enshrined in the UK constitution that monitors the kind of works you can do as a student in united kingdom.

As a result, there are restrictions on how many hours you can work, based, for instance, on the kind of course you are taking.

You may be allowed to work either 10 hours per week while enrolled in a full-time course below the graduate level that is sponsored by an organization recognized by the UK or an organization that receives government funding as a higher education institution (HEI), or 20 hours per week while enrolled in a course above the graduate level at an organization or HEI that is similarly recognized by the UK.


Which works am I not allowed to do with my student visa in UK

  1. They will employ you as a medical student, unless enrolled in a recognized foundation program.
  2. Possess a job as a professional athlete or sports coach
  3. Obtain employment as a performer/Entertainer
  4. Fill a full-time, permanent position, with the exception of a position as a student union sabbatical officer or one on a recognized foundation program.
  5. Be self-employed or conduct business, with the exception of situations where you are awaiting the outcome of an application for permission to stay as a Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) or on a Start-up visa.

How Much Do I need to start a company in the UK

No, I don’t think that is a mistake based on what I’ve read about the program’s prerequisites. The only condition for obtaining a UK investor visa is to invest money in UK companies. There are no commitments to hire Britons or demand particular, focused investments in the nation. Simply invest $2 million in UK markets. The UK thinks the initiative is not functioning, as a tool for money laundering. Consequently, they will stop the program. The UK government is free to act in that manner. Immigration is a privilege, and each country is free to impose any restrictions it sees fit.

I think a solid reason to end the program would be to avoid serving as a shelter for foreign persons looking to launder money of dubious provenance.

Frequently Asked questions about Can I do business on student visa in UK


  • What happens if I work over 20 hours on a student visa UK – You may not work more than 20 hours per week while enrolled full-time in a degree program. You will be in violation of your visa if you work more than 20 hours in any one week. This could prohibit you from getting a new visa in the future or from finishing your studies.
  • How many hours can a student work with a student visa in UK – As a student you can only work for 20 hours alone.
  • Can international students work in UK after graduation – The UK’s Graduate Route welcomes all international students to apply to stay in the UK and work, or look for work, after their graduation.
  • Can a person start a company in UK on a student visa? – No but there are few things you need to do to start your own business

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